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Please see our weblog for an online journal of theory in practice at our land-based facility: Factor e Farm.

Please view our Overview page to see the status of active projects.

     * 1 Introduction
     * 2 Global Village Construction Set
     * 3 Product Selection Criteria
     * 4 Collaborative Development Process
     * 5 Enterprise Community Contract
     * 6 Enabling Technology - Salient Features of Technology Base
     * 7 Sample Scenario
     * 8 Development Template
     * 9 Open Engineering Strategy
     * 10 Definition of Open Source and OSE Specifications
     * 11 Working Assumptions
     * 12 Deployment
     * 13 OSE Product Cycle
     * 14 Products
           o 14.1 CEB Press

[edit] Introduction

This wiki is dedicated to the open, collaborative development of a basic and robust infrastructure for a Global Village 
economy, as embodied in the list of the 28 of the above products and services. Such a village is by design

     * one which promotes the highest autonomy and freedom
     * grounded in self-sufficiency
     * dedicated to voluntary pursuits, right livelihood, and quality of life

The basic assumption for a New Village economy is that humans are capable of transcending struggle for survival and 
resource conflicts, where this preoccupation is replaced by higher pursuits of personal and societal evolution. Email me 
at joseph.dolittle at gmail.com for further information.

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