[permaculture] Compost crate from cargo pallettes

Pete Flynn treepetedeer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 15:37:50 EST 2008

the folks at growing power in milwaukee (http://www.growingpower.org/) just
grab four full-sized palettes, stand them upright in a box shape, tie them
together with clothes hangers or any other sturdy wire, and fill em up. they
say that that size is perfect for attaining the critical mass required to
get a hot compost pile going. after that compost is mature but still a lil
chunky they feed it to their worms which turn it into black gold, rich in
all kinds of life. they plant everything that they grow in their greenhouses
straight into the vermicompost. for every one microorganism that goes
through a worm's gut, thirteen come out.

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 12:20 PM, <steveread at free.fr> wrote:

> Build 2 at same time joined together so you can turn from 1 into the
> other,
> speed composting/aerating, got a lid? Whole palettes for back and sides
> can be
> stuffed with straw etc to insulate, you may not need the bottom, small
> branches
> should allow enough air and easier to empty.
> Even better of course is a mini bio-gas digester, then you get gas and
> compost
> http://www.arti-india.org/content/view/46/43/
> SteveR
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