[permaculture] Penalizing Farmers

Harmon Seaver hseaver at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 17:53:57 EST 2008

Trudie Redding wrote:
> I'm reading Ogallala revised in 2000-about the underground aquiver and
> the history of use of water in the region, has a lot of info about
> farming-several states, western KS, TX, Colorado etc. includes info
> about Mobil oil's use of much of the irreplaceable water-it comes from
> the Arctic-level has gone down permanently
> Sort of a paradym shift view of what subsidy means, I mean I had a
> change of view with this book and the movie "Corn" and am rethinking
> subsidy.

   Yeah, all farm subsidies need to end soonest. Have you ever looked at
the site that tells you just what each and every "farmer" gets as a
handout? It's obscene. http://farm.ewg.org/farm/
   And since the WTO has already mandated that the US end farm
subsidies, it's probably only a matter of time, or the US won't be able
to export crops anyway. Or supposedly so -- rather amazing that the
Bushies, et al, push global trade and the WTO so much, then stonewall
compliance when it goes against them.

Harmon Seaver

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