[permaculture] Bau Biologie and Ecology - Introduction to Holistic Building Biology

maria morehead spiralmother at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 13:07:17 EST 2008

My dear friend and former neighbor, Damon Coyne is helping to teach this
local workshop.  It looks absolutely fascinating and I'm planning on
attending myself.


Hi Maria-

Attached is the flyer for the upcoming workshop on Bau Biologie and
Ecology.  It will be a great introduction to holistic concepts of Building
Biology.  This movement began in post war Germany after rebuilding the
cities using new synthetic materials and methods that seemed to be faster
and demand less expenses; hundreds of thousands of people began getting
sick.  This then lead to the research and study of how the built environment
affects human health and the environment.  Later in the 70's a team of
researchers developed true non-biased healthy standards that are now the
guidelines for much of Europe, Canada and since 1987 has been educating
people in the this integrative science and philosophy in the United States.
Bau Biologie uses nature as the model for creating healthy living
environments.  This is a living science that is in tune with the current
technologies, ancient building wisdom, alternatives building methods,
materials, energy use, moisture issues, heating and cooling, site location,
air quality and among other things the fascinating, rapidly changing field
of electro-pollution.  Bau Biologists are on the cutting edge of the topic
of EMFs and considered among the leading experts in this area of education,
detection and mitigation of this serious health treat.  We believe that this
is where the Green movement is headed and must if we are to restore health
and vitality; living in balance with the Mother Earth.

You can sign up at this website:


Also I have been authorized to give discounts if that is need to get folks
to be able to come.


Damon Coyne

damon at intentionalenvironment.com

(206) 274-8448

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that is where light enters you.
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