[permaculture] carbon sequestration

Harmon Seaver hseaver at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 09:43:41 EST 2008

Darren Doherty wrote:

> People might like to know that one of my Marin County (CA) clients has
> sponsored Dr David Pimental of Cornell University (through CFA) to conduct a
> wide ranging monitoring study on a range of different methods applied by CFA
> farmers (across the US) that they use to increase Soil Organic Carbon (such
> as Managment Intensive Grazing or MIG, Keyline Plowing, Soil Amendments,
> Compost/Compost Teas, and just about everything else that we think, but have
> not necessarily quantifiably, increases SOC.

   Your clients need to be informed that David Pimental was exposed by
the investigative journalist Jack Anderson as being a fraud who was
actually drawing a regular salary from Mobile Oil when he did his phoney
studies on ethanol production. Pimental even admitted it during a radio
interview. David Blume, in his great book, "Alcohol Can Be A Gas", which
is about the permaculture way to energy independence, spends some time
exposing the fraud in Pimental's "study". It's also quite telling that
Pimental publishes a lot of his work in a "peer-reviewed" journal that
is the mouthpiece of the mining and coal industry, and, indeed, Pimental
says himself that coal is the real answer to all our energy needs.

Harmon Seaver

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