[permaculture] Introducing permaculture-studying homebirth-midwife

Nina Rinkes ninarinkes at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 3 20:18:31 EST 2008

Hello, dear all!

Have been reading this list for a while with interest and decided to post for the first time to introduce myself:

I am an independent midwife, originally from Germany, presently living and working in London, UK who's been bitten by the permaculture bug.

>From end of June 2008 on I'd like to travel together with my home-schooled 12-year-old son for several months to study about permaculture and natural building techniques. I am planning to attend a series of natural building workshops in Poland late July/early August. At some point in the journey I'd also like to attend a Permaculture Design Course. (Possibly mid-September in Corsica, but have not decided yet. Suggestions welcome, please.)

For the rest of the time we'd like to be learning by doing and therefore volunteer our workpower to one or more interesting permaculture projects/farms, preferably with children around, that need a few more hands.

Additionally, as an experienced homebirth midwife I could possibly provide midwifery services, should any pregnant permaculturist require them. 

Does this sound interesting to you or do you know anybody who might be interested in having us?

Then please let me know!

Thanks a lot,

Nina Rinkes

Independent Midwife



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