[permaculture] A 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid -Coming Soon from VW

Michael mike.brian at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 09:27:51 EST 2008

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tom wrote:
> I find it hard to be very impressed with this announcement.   I have 
> a 1966 Volvo that I manage to get 30-32 mpg (and have yet to put an 
> overdrive transmission that I have in it, which hopefully will give 
> me another 2-3 mpg).  It is a very simple vehicle, practically no 
> plastic, but easily keeps up with the pace on the road these days.  
> Of course the emissions from the tail-pipe are significantly worse 
> than a 2008 vehicle, but a new(er) vehicle is well beyond my economic 
> means, and alas I suspect one will remain so.  Still- 42 years and 
> vehicle economy has only just doubled?!  That is a pathetic amount of 
> advancement compared to the gains in so many other areas.  No doubt 
> the laws of thermodynamics dictate limits to what can be achieved, 
> but c'mon!
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I would be more impressed if the automobile manufacturers made and
adhered to standards - modularity and interchangeability in design.
All the fuel efficiency in the world isn't going to offset the
resources needed to gather, melt, and recast another.
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