[permaculture] Zero farming, anyone?

Suraj Kumar suraj at sunson.in
Mon Jun 30 03:49:39 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 2:39 AM, Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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> Welcome to the permaculture list, Suraj. Your goal to become a small farmer practicing permaculture and sustainable
> agriculture is admirable. Many people all over the wprd have done this successfully.

That is what I keep hearing. However, I'd like to put it in practice
and move from 'belief' to 'experience' :)

> Tamil Nadu is in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as I understand it. What kind of climate will you have there and what type of soil
> and what access to soil amendments?

Nope, Tamil Nadu is part of India. Sri Lanka also has a tamils
populated area but it is not tamil nadu. The are is tropical. There
are a bunch of seasonal rivers that feed the land. But a majority of
the land depends on seasonal rainfall. Tamil Nadu produces rice (and
exports too) besides cotton and a couple of tropical fruits (mangoes,
banana, etc.,.). I have no idea about 'type' of soil, though. Can you
please elaborate on what you mean by  'soil amendments'?

> Would there be any hope of getting the Tamils interesting in sustainable farming and permaculture and area-wide
> marketing and production networks, to relieve the current war crisis there?

Yeah, war-crisis is in Sri Lanka. Not in Tamil Nadu (its still
peaceful out here :) ). Not sure what's the state of farming, etc.,.
in Sri Lanka. To them, their economy is a tourism based economy
(Colombo and it's beautiful beaches with a hawaii-like chilled-out
culture - who wouldn't visit? :) )

> Here's what I have done on my land in North Carolina:
> http://venaurafarm.blogspot.com

Interesting. I see tractor and such equipment, do you have plans of
moving away from an oil-driven machinery to alternative machinery? My
long term plan is to modify an all-electric car to allow attaching
equipment and have wind-mills in my land to generate the power needed
for the car. Of course, that reallllly long term - I need $$$ for the
all-electric :)


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