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Subject: Re: [SANET-MG] Polluted manure ruins gardens  (hormone-based herbicide aminopyralid)
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 20:10:57 -0400
From: jcummins <jcummins at UWO.CA>

Hi Chrys Ostrander,
I agree with you the situation is intolerable. It is astonishing that
both US , Canadian and EU regulators not only approved the the toxic
herbicide for use on pastures and noted the herbicide should not be
used on fields for food crops but US EPA and Canadian regulators
approved the herbicide for use on grain as if grain was not food at
all! It staggers the mind to think that such poorly tested pollutants
were allowed onto the global market and into the global ecology!.
We must not just grow numb at the constant attacks on us by the
bureaucrats lined up with the corporations! We must shake out the
bureaucrats and install real regulators into our food system and
environment before it is too late. sincerely, joe cummins
Chrys Ostrander wrote:
> This keeps happening! How long is it going to be before none of us can 
> grow anything as a result of the unimaginable irresponsibility of these 
> chemmie companies, especially Dow Agrosciences that has caused this same 
> problem before (see linked articles below).
> Some molecules are best left in the lab.
> Beware of Herbicide Contamination
> By David Granatstein
> Washington Tilth
> Fall 2001
> http://www.tilthproducers.org/tilthartsASP.asp?id=108
> Clopyralid: The Story of a "Benign Herbicide"
> By Doug Collins, Art Biggert and Chrys Ostrander
> Tilth producers Quarterly
> Spring 2003
> http://www.tilthproducers.org/tilthartsASP.asp?id=60
> Chrys Ostrander

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