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Hello to Everyone ,
 I am offering a fine crafted well tuned Permaculture Design Certification Course with The Open Center in Manhattan, 11 sessions from July 19th- Nov. 1st.
 Join us for this powerful and mature Design certification offering  a rich diversity of guest presenters and field trips. In the heart of NYC you will learn how to create well functioning and beautiful Permacutlture designs for city, country, temperate,tropical and semi-arid landscapes.Highly professional with an emphasis on design skill development,the language for cultural transformation,research abilities and using the Permaculture principles throughout the design process.Participants will create designs for their own sites. Bring plot maps to the course, aerials or drawings.
Andrew Faust
The Center For Bioregional Living

 For more information;


Permaculture Design Certification in New York City 
with Andrew Faust and Guests 

Andrew Faust (B.A., Guilford College) has been a certified permaculture designer since 1996 and a certified alternative school teacher since 1993. He homesteaded off the grid in WV for six years where he created the Center for Bioregional Living (www.homebiome.com). With 17 years of experience in bioregional education, Andrew is presently thriving on permaculture design work, teaching, consulting, and gardening in New York City and the northeastern U.S. with nonprofits, businesses, schools, communities and homeowners.  

Course Description 

This course will cover the core 72-hour Permaculture Design curriculum, including 12 additional hours of class time to adapt this course to our region and to contemporary ecological issues in the United States. You will learn how to apply permaculture principles to a diversity of settings and issues with an emphasis on urban and temperate environments. 
: Natural Building : Urban Permaculture
: Bioregional Economies  

Lectures, extensive and diverse handouts, discussions and field trips will explore:

- evolution of agriculture 
- Biodynamics 
- bioregional designs 
- natural history of Eastern woodlands and designs that cooperate with their regeneration 
- passive solar and natural building techniques 
- passive integrated water systems 
- Living machines and natural wastewater treatment 
- energy and nutrient cycling 
- watershed health 
- the integration of animals into cultivated ecosystems 

Other topics include:
 - growing organic and biodynamic orchards 
- creating organic raised vegetable beds in inner city garden plots with hand tools 
- cultivating gourmet mushrooms employing living roofs and rooftop gardens 
- indoor and apartment gardening 
- sprouted grains and beans 
- making tinctures and salves 
- making fermented foods 
- whole foods and designing rain gardens that will prevent flooding, address sewage treatment plant overflows and provide clean water Course will conclude with students doing their own Permaculture site design. 

An 11-Session Course
July 19, August 16, August 23 & 24, August 30 & 31, September 6, September 13, Ocotober 18, October 25, & November 1 
Cost: Full Payment: 08SEC36TAI
Members $1180/ Nonmembers $1225

Members $1080/ Nonmembers $1125 

Payment Plan: 08SEC36TBI
Members $1255/ Nonmembers $1300

For a complete syllabus and additional information call Maria Rodriguez at 212-219-2527 x 135 or email mrodriguez at opencenter.org  

All classes and field trips are from 9 am - 4 pm. 

Some class time will be spent outdoors. Please dress appropriately. 
SPACE IS LIMITED! Please register early.
For more information contact Andrew at homebiome.com 

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