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Syracuse, NY, Palace Theater, June 28 - EcoSutra Film - World Premiere

A film about sustainability..
For Immediate Release: June 16th 2008
Kristina Fitzsimmons
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The EcoSutra Film World Premiere

Syracuse, NY - Saturday, June 28 from 6 – 11pm at The Palace Theater,  
2384 James St.  Admission: Sliding scale: $0 to $10.

6:00 Doors open
6:45 Film begins with an introduction by Russel Berns, producer.
8 - 9:00 Presentations from local leaders followed by Q & A.
9 - 11:00 Live music by Rebecca Keefe Fitzsimmons, time for  
networking and cash bar.

The 'EcoSutra' film takes us on a global quest for the solutions to  
the challenges of our time (http://www.ecosutra.tv/trailer). We visit  
revolutionaries from all walks of life and travel across the globe to  
explore the ingredients of sustainable communities and the worldwide  
eco-movement. This documentary introduces us to the practices of  
permaculture, a design science that mimics natural cycles to maximize  

Permaculture teaches us that the efficient processes of an ecosystem  
can be applied to human communities as well, and that Nature is by  
far our greatest teacher. Discover the power of permaculture to  
produce a strong economy and a healthy environment.

The film highlights valuable alternatives to our current  
infrastructure and lifestyles, including profitable renewable energy  
technologies ready and waiting for wide scale implementation. Other  
chapters of the film explore the rapidly growing green building  
movement, and remind us of efficient agricultural practices that were  
second nature to our local farmers thirty years ago.

"The world is facing an unprecedented crisis, in environment and in  
energy supply. This is the largest challenge humanity has ever faced.  
We have to focus our resources, both financial and intellectual, upon  
this with the intensity of a military conflict, or a moon shot, or a  
Manhattan project." Steve Strong, President, Solar Design Associates  
of Harvard, Installed the first solar panels on The White House and  
is interviewed in the film.

Another expert, Eric Daniles, VP, Technology and Product Development,  
British Petroleum Solar, said "…It could well be that all of a sudden  
your home has a solar array on top that produces hydrogen for your  
automobile, or some fuel cell in your home during the day when your  
car is not there. If your car is there it charges up your car  
battery. When you start to integrate these things in a brand new way  
it really opens up a lot of opportunity, you think about it all  

This is a very unique premiere. We are gathering not only to watch a  
great film, but also to network within the community and create  
positive synergy towards sustainable community developments.  
Following the film, local leaders will discuss practical solutions  
for moving Syracuse in a more sustainable direction.

Greening USA presents their Syracuse Sustainability Academy, a hands- 
on, community-based workshop series designed to empower the general  
public with knowledge of the green movement. Representatives of The  
Alchemical Nursery Project, the Organic Valley family, and of local  
farm bureaus, as well as local pioneers in the development of  
renewable energy technologies, will join our discussion.

The premiere will also feature a special performance by Rebecca Keefe  
Fitzsimmons, a local singer-songwriter whose angelic voice has long  
been a staple of the Syracuse music scene.  Rebecca was featured on  
the The New York State Rhythm and Blues Fest CD compilation "Women 'N  
Blues", and was the very first performer at the famous and now  
defunct Happy Endings Coffeehouse.

Recently, her song "Invitation to the Dance" was recorded by  
international jazz artist Emily Saxe, who performed it as part of the  
Jazz at Lincoln Center series in New York this past April.

Russell Berns, the founder and director of EcoSutra, is the son of  
legendary song-writer Bert Berns (who was responsible for hits like  
Twist and Shout', 'Under The Boardwalk', 'Brown Eyed Girl', 'Piece Of  
My Heart', 'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love', among others) and is a  
founder of BANG Records.  Russell grew up in the music publishing  
industry, and has freelanced in music and video production. He  
filmed, directed, produced, and composed music for the EcoSutra film,  
all of which was funded by his family's legacy.

This is his first full-length documentary release, which showcases  
more than two years of his research meeting with top permaculture  
scientists and environmental companies in Asia, Africa, Europe,  
Israel and North America.

Originally from Atlanta, Berns now lives in Los Angeles.

For more information go to: http://www.ecosutra.tv/trailer/
To learn more about (local) permaculture go to: http:// 

**EcoSutra is an organization dedicated to building the resources for  
people to network into new models of environmentally and economically  
sustainable villages. By bridging renewable energy technology to  
permaculture - an environmental design science that mimics naturally  
occurring ecosystems and accelerates the earth's natural regenerative  
processes, we can create sustainable healthy communities to live,  
work and play. Through our events and media projects we look to  
propel the green movement and provide the public with the knowledge  
and networking tools to achieve success and implementation.

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