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Hello Lisa.  There IS a late September into Early October certification course at the
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute.  It is the full-blown course (22nd year)  and Peter Bane (publisher
of the PC Activist & world reknown permaculturist) , Jerome Osentowski (Director and creator of CRMPI) , Andrew Goodheart Brown, Sandy Cruz (High Altitude Permaculture), myself (Pikes Peak Permaculture/Blue Planet Earthscapes) and other super instructors - Kelly Simmons for instance - an excellent teacher & beekeeper, chicken person, and general great person/permie.  

The site is terrific, with hand constructed greenhouses, the house itself, cabin & greenhouse on ridge top, sunnyjohn mouldering toilet (designed by John Cruickshank) AND the most mature example of forest garden in the US (30 years of growing and 22 years of permaculture design courses!)  There is a hand-built pond and much more in the area for you.  The course is always a fun, exciting and stimulating course.

You can contact Jerome Osentowski at       jerome at CRMPI.org    or the website   www.CRMPI.org   for more information.,  The advertisment should be in this current PC Activist.  Jerome is the most self-sustained person I know - grows his own food, and medicine, lives well on his hand-built efforts, does TONS with less.  

There may be opportunities for work trade or scholarships... I am uncertain about this, but you can contact Jerome for
all the scoop.  There is a course every year so if you miss this year, save your bucks and come next.  It's a great course and a great site and we'd love to have you!

Most sincerely,
Becky Elder

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From: Lisa Winter <jlwinter at sbcglobal.net>
> I'm looking for a certification class that would be in
> the united states in September.  I've been wanting to
> take a class for a couple of years and think i finally
> have the money to take one.
> Cost is unfortunately an issue.  also, i'd like to
> have the workshop touch on forest gardening, perhaps
> foraging, and other issues that promotes being
> self-sustaining.
> Please, feel free to respond off the list if you'd
> prefer.
> thanks,
> Lisa
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