[permaculture] The Potato, a slideshow from the BBC

steveread steveread at free.fr
Tue Jun 17 02:21:55 EDT 2008

Here in Brittany, where we seem to be developing a Spring rainy season, it is becoming harder to grow potato's organically, mildew and blight are already present on ours and have been for 2 weeks or more, despite Bordeaux mixture.

This year we are saving some seed potato's to plant very late, in July, to try and avoid the damp conditions in the hope of developing potato's of a reasonable size.

One problem of course is that we have to cut the haulms to stop the blight getting into the tubers so we never have fruits to try crossing with. Last year around here was a disaster, no potato's bigger than 8cm* 3 escaped the rot. We also had virtually no apples, made no apple juice nor cider and honey was a washout. Heavy persistent rain during flowering.




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