[permaculture] To Bee Organic or not to Bee

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sun Jun 15 18:22:09 EDT 2008

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Subject: Re: [SANET-MG] To Bee Organic or not to Bee
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 10:53:08 -0700
From: sals <sals3 at COX.NET>

I guess I will just get a small paint brush and a film canister and maybe
buy a bee costumes and get out there and be the bee.  be the bee be the bee
because the hives are dying have been dying and I think will keep dying.
sure going to miss bees.  If you have a live hive take a picture so you can
show it to your grand kids.  are they dying were no corn is growing?  I just
know when I use to walk by the hives there was action  more and more action
as the honey flow peeks add another super .  now the bees you see are not
yours anymore.  now no bees want to go in.  so for sustainable ag. I would
guess we all must learn . take the small paint brush get the pollen into the
film can and move to the next flower and so on so on so forth. .  don't
forget to buzz.  hehe soon the companies killing the bees will come up with
a gmo bee or sell those pollen blowers and be able to sell us the gmo pollen
every year like we have to buy gmo seed every year.  .  think of the money
in that.  don't worry bee happy.  we got the gene jockeys working on it now.
so instead of keeping hives we can just hire people in bee outfits. and
bring in lab made pollen for our lab made gene altered plants.  where can I
get that bee costume?  I wonder what's killing barn owls.  lets see they eat
gophers and rats and mice.  hummm u think poison.  those pocket gophers I
think were called that because they carry the poison in their cheeks.  nice
think that has any effect on barn owls.  rat poison u think the rats with
the poison piss out that poison on the crops and every were they run before
they bleed to death.  .  .  I guess that's why there are so many rats and
gophers and mice everything that eats them we kill trying to kill them and
yet the  rats and mice and gophers are still here. and everything that eats
them is gone something's wrong .  .  so I better get a barn owl costume  and
king snake and gopher snake when u buy that bee costume  .  those GMO seeds
have really brought down the cost of food have u guys notice and injecting
cows has really brought down the price of milk .  using corn for gas was a
great idea look how cheep gas is now.   oh yeah the subject line to bee
organic or not to bee.  hummm how can u be organic when the USDA is
releasing living lab made life forms that they can not control that
contaminate the whole earth.  forget about a buffer zone.  these are living
things.  .  how.   I think the subject line should be can we bee organic or
is it too late.

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