[permaculture] 3-day Geoff Lawton Workshop | Bay Area | Aug8-10, 2008

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3-day Geoff Lawton Workshop | Bay Area | Aug8-10

Greetings Permaculture Friends,

On Aug 8 ­ 10 Geoff Lawton will be back in the Bay Area for a 3 day
workshop. In a rare collaboration between the worlds top permaculture
designer, an international humanitarian and spiritual leader, and two
dynamic tree planting organizations; this course is launching the
reforestation of 150-acres of compacted clay hills, the "harvesting" of
millions of gallons of rainwater into the landscape, and the restoration of
a delicate ecosystem.

In this 3-day course, world-reknowned Permaculture
designer Geoff Lawton will teach on-the-ground permaculture strategies in
the context of a 150-acre reforestation and orchard expansion project at the
MA Center in Castro Valley, CA. The course will include several of Geoff's
famous slideshows and hands-on participation in creating a water-harvesting,
food forest on grassy, clay hillsides. Students will walk the landscape with
Geoff and learn how to site small ponds, build swales, design keyline
systems, stabilize the landscape, and take an ecological approach that
transitions from "planting trees" to "designing eco-systems".

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Course Includes:
Ecosystems approach to Tree Planting
Hands-on Earthworks for water catchment (with excavator on-site)
Hands-on Food-Forest Development
On-site permaculture consultancy
Rainwater Harvesting Design
Dynamic Slideshows
Keyline Design
Camping in a Eucalyptus forest
Morning Yoga Asanas
Organic Vegetarian meals

GEOFF LAWTON is director of the Permaculture Research Institute of
Australia, a master of haresting rainwater in the landscape, and a frequent
co-teacher with Bill Mollison. He has been invited by governments, NGOs,
businesses, and communities in 27 different countries to teach, restore
damaged ecosystems, and direct sustainable design projects.

The MA CENTER is the US headquarters for the activities of international
humanitarian and spiritual leader Mata Amritananda Mayi, known as Amma.
Amma's humanitarian projects include free food and clothing programs,
charitable hospitals, hospices, disaster relief programs, free homes for the
poor and the needy, medical camps, orphanage, schools, educational
institutions, and the preservation of nature. > Learn more about Amma

GREENFRIENDS is Amma's international environmental initiative that has
planted a half million trees throughout India and the world in the past

COMMON VISION has reached more than 40,000 students across California with a
program that has planted over 3,000 fruit trees in urban public schools over
the past five years.  Now Common Vision has expanded their tree planting to
include large scale reforestation. Most recently, 20
city-dwelling-volunteers, planted 1500 pine trees in the national forest in
one weekend!"

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