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Just bringing this initiative of Feliciano to peoples attention, wild foods and their wonders are very current these days. Bushcraft courses, wild food rambles, wild food farming are popular in many countries. I've put the info up here http://www.permaculturefrance.com/news.htm

Does anything exist on earth something more valuable than a seed?

Millions of seeds dropped from millions of plants
are blossoming this minute around us, 
though few are thankful. 

Univerd Organisation (OU) of Barcelona-Catalonia-Spain,
thinking of the fact that nothing is so important for any human being 
than the blossoming seeds that grow up around us,
after 22 years of promoting the importance of nutrients
from the wild local species,
is promoting the world SEEDday of native plant,
to foster the search for nutrients in wild plants,
and easier ways to prepare them,
in order to reach an easier digestion and better human nutrition.

From here, and inside the Univerd-ecoCultura group,
we are establishing the Univerd-SEEDday section
now inviting goodwill people around the world to celebrate locally 
the “world SEEDday”.

Contact: ecocultura at terra.es



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