[permaculture] Steve's request for PC book list

steveread steveread at free.fr
Sat Jun 7 05:42:40 EDT 2008

Gosh! Thanks for the responses, I thought that work might have been done, next step I suppose is to make lists available on all the different PmC websites? I'll do one for the English language version of the French site. I'm also trying to track down the website of a bloke who has apparently scanned dozens of out of print classics like "The problem with weeds" "the ploughmans folly" etc, these would be great to link to or add as downloads on sites.

We got quite a few pdf's already perhaps another list of copyright free downloadables (what a word) would be nice?????



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Re: [permaculture] Steve's request for PC book list
Years ago we put together this book list and linked it to amazon as well:



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