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T Remiarz tomasremiarz at cooptel.net
Wed Jun 4 17:23:01 EDT 2008

Hi all

To follow on from the debate on this subject within this list:
The design of permaculture education will be the main focus for the next
International Convergence in 2009, as was agreed in Brazil at the
convergence last year. The Chaordic Permaculture Institute has volunteered
to host a space for discussing this subject in preparation. This is the
web address:


The address will be posted on permaculture email lists and webforums
(fora?) worldwide, as well as the important printed publications. There
are sections in Spanish and Portugese on the site as well, securing
greater inclusivity. There's also space for sections in further languages,
if anyone feels inspired to produce one.

A lot of interesting and useful information and opinion was posted on this
here list, and I would encourage everybody with a view on the subject to
post it there. It seems important to have this debate as transparent and
inclusive as possible. As we are a global community and, even if we may
not agree on everything, it is good to know where everybody stands. If
we're going to evolve the design, let's first get a survey done.

All the Best
Tomas Remiarz


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