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Wed Jun 4 08:54:06 EDT 2008

POSITION: Resident Permaculturalist/ Permaculture Trainer

Strawberry Fields Eco-Lodge (SFEL), Konso Special Wareda, Southern Region
Ethiopia is eco-tourism project set in a model permaculture farm in the rift
valley. SFEL also has a program for local community development and
permaculture training for both locals and others. SFEL was honoured, this
year, to host 2 PDCs given by Rosemary Morrow to local participants,
agricultural extension workers from Konso and from Kambata Zone, as well as
foreign guest participants. SFEL is now looking to build on this achievement
and continue the development of the on-site permaculture demonstration farm
as well as initiate off site activities to benefit the local community;
including permaculture training and design consultancy for local households
and training up of local community trainers to be active in the Konso
Wareda. Experienced permaculture practitioners are sought, capable of
teaching full PDCs to groups of up to 20 people, who are interested in
giving courses at our site together with local agricultural experts who have
now completed a full certificated PDC.



. Be Certified in Permaculture Design

. Have 3 or more years practical experience of managing farms and gardens,
including applying permaculture techniques.

. Have an interest in learning new agricultural techniques through skill
sharing and participatory activities.

. Have a willingness to learn foreign languages; Amharic and Afan Konso.


. Degree level education in agriculture, science, engineering or a related

. An ability to translate scientific concepts into simplified information
which is comprehensible to uneducated individuals.

. Experience of working in the tropics and in third world countries


- Advising and supervising the operation of the on-site model permaculture

- Supervising the operation of the SFEL seed-bank, including exchange of
seeds with local people, catalogueing and storage of seeds and training of
local women in seed-saving methods.

- Giving permaculture design courses on a quarterly basis to groupsincluding
local people, Ethiopian agricultural extension workers, Foreigners including
NGO staff and visiting tourists.

Salary: negotiable + Accommodation (full board) + Expenses.

Please Submit a CV and letter of application to Alex McCausland at
alex1mcc at yahoo.com or get in touch for more information on the project area
and objectives.


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