[permaculture] rainwater and potability in large cities

Guilherme Neves Castagna guilherme at permacultura.org.br
Tue Jun 3 18:51:10 EDT 2008

Saludos ermanos,

    Jody T put up a question on whether rainwater could be safely used 
for drinking, and more. Question that comes up to my mind is, suppose 
I'm in Tokyo, New York, Mexico City, or Sao Paulo (cities with over 
10million ppl), what will the rainwater drops collect along the way that 
will turn it inadequate to human consumption (other than the drop in 
pH)? Heavy metals, sulphur dioxide, what else? Has anyone tested 
rainwater for potability in similar situations? Can I eventually turn it 
potable through the use of reed beds, sand filters, and the like? Some 
friends of mine live in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and are devising alternatives 
to the impending failure on the public water distribution systems, and 
rainwater is their only option.

    I sincerely appreciate your comments on this topic...


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