[permaculture] PR/SB Permaculture Network ECO-Film Night/Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution, with film maker Vanessa Schulz/JUNE 13, 2008

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Contact: Margie Bushman
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
(805) 962-2571, email: margie at sbpermaculture.org

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
   ECO-Film Night

Premier Showing of
Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution
with Award Winning Film Maker Vanessa Schulz

Friday, June 13, 7-9pm
Santa Barbara Central Library, Faulkner Gallery

         Please join Santa Barbara Permaculture Network for the
premier showing of the documentary film Permaculture: A Quiet
Revolution with award winning film maker Vanessa Schulz.  Part of the
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network ECO-Film Night series, the event
takes place on Friday, June 13th, at 7pm.

In May 2007, the 8th International Permaculture Convergence (IPC8) www.ipc8.org
was held in Brazil, bringing together visionary activists from around
the world.   New to Permaculture,  Vanessa Schulz spent a month in
Brazil attending the conference and later visiting four ground
breaking Permaculture Centers, learning permaculture in settings both
urban and rural, in the beautiful and varied landscape of
Brazil.   From the enormous metropolitan city of Sao Paulo, to the
Cerrado (savannah) in central Brazil,  to the heart of Amazonia, and
finally the historic Bahia region, the story of Permaculture is told.

The film discusses mainstream media's failure to provide accurate
news of the world's dire environmental predicament, and some of the
strategies permaculturists propose, giving critical inspiration
needed to turn our backs on what is failing us.  Permaculture
(PERMAnent CULTURE) is a design system based on ecological principles
for creating sustainable human environments and is a whole systems
approach suggesting positive solutions for a rapidly changing world.

Vanessa Schulz, originally from South Africa, began freelancing in
the film industry in 1994 while attending Cape Town Film & Television
School.  After emigrating to the United States she began  working for
for NBC, Fox, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. She
founded 21st Paradigm (www.21paradigm.com), an independent media
company committed to airing subject matter difficult and often times
ignored by main stream media.  Her documentary Call of Freedom, a
film about the re-introduction of wolves to Idaho in the 1990's,
generating heated controversy, shows all the intensity of the
passions that motivate all sides of the wolf issue.  It garnered many
awards including Best Documentary at the Female Eye Film Festival
(2003),  Merit for Conservation Advocacy award at the International
Wildlife Film Festival (2003), and Official Selection, Banff Mountain
Film Festival World Tour  (2004-5).

Vanessa will be present at the ECO-Film night, and both Permaculture:
A Quiet Revolution and Call of Freedom will be shown and available
for purchase.   The event takes place at the Santa Barbara Public
Library, Faulkner Gallery, 40 East Anapamu St, in downtown Santa
Barbara, on Friday, June 13, 7-9pm.  No reservations are required,
admission donation $5. For more information please call (805)
962-2571, or email margie at sbpermaculture.org, www.sbpermaculture.org.


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