[permaculture] Updating my PC Compost & Soils Presentations and Hand-outs - your insights, updated sources appreciated - thanks.

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Sun Jun 1 21:50:55 EDT 2008

Hello, folks. I'm getting ready for 2 Courses and researching the
oxygen-ethylene cycle - a concept that seems logical, favors
undisturbed/un-tilled land, is yet another cycle that modern ag ignores,
allows humus creation (carbon sequestering) and anaerobic activity. It
appears to be un-mentioned, but yet a part of, biodynamic composting,
possibly the reason one lets a regular compost file "finish itself off" for
6 months after it no longer heats up on turning (aeration), and a major
component of/argument for no-till/leave crop residues on field.

Anaerobic and the O-E cycle appear [sort of tangentially] in PC outlines,
discussions, and one handout on soils (Lea Harrison, PC Activist #26) - I
find very little mention anywhere else. Perhaps this is because it is a
non-subject or closet item with modern ag? Is it still a valid view? Still
good PC and PC-ag-science? Are there other/newer articles or champions these
days?  Does you have any more recent articles or references? Thanks in
advance for info if you do.

I look at the NRCS and the Elaine Ingam literature and seem to get no real
talk of anaerobic or that aerobic = good guy, anaerobic = bad guy; slight
reference to anaerobic role in creating humus (then a chart shows humus to
be 50% of organic material, as stable material, the 50% being actively
broken down). On pathogens - confusing on plant pathogens - human vs. plant
- alluded to that human are anaerobic and another place that plant pathogens
are aerobic - I doubt both.

My real question and quest is whether Oxygen-Ethylene cycle  and
Aerobic-Anaerobic cycling is an real and current and agreed-to subject, or
is it a firm belief in PC circles and not elsewhere, or is it a topic that's
passé' in both soil science and PC camps? Should it be championed or should
it be let to fade?

Great PC minds and data bases out there - would appreciate your posting your
insights and references to recent sources. Many thanks.

Thank you very much for your help.


Dick Pierce

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