[permaculture] Looking for a PC place?

Lisa Rollens rollens at fidnet.com
Mon Jul 28 11:53:55 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I have a great place with lots of potential for Permaculture and market gardening and even MARKETS available.  154 acres, spring water, sandy soil, etc.  OK, there are some challenges, but what fun would it be if there weren't???  The only thing missing is help.  I live alone and just can't do it all.  Right now I am covered up with sweet corn and blackberries that are making a big splash in town.  Is there anyone out there who is lurking and wishing for a PC place to be, either temporary or permanent?  I have a good start on implementing a PC design, have a producing, grass fed Jersey cow, Black Java chickens, sheep, a few pigs to eat the excess, Border collies, solar powered pump at the creek to fill tank for irrigation, various roof catchment systems...and lots more ideas.  Like I said, everything but help, or more hours in the day!

It's even rained in the spring this year!!

This is a great place to be!  If anyone is interested please email offlist and we will talk.  rollens at fidnet.com 

Thanks, LR

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