[permaculture] Next Gen Wind Energy you have Never Seen

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Tue Jul 22 17:36:07 EDT 2008

Bergey is still in business, maintaining an excelent reputation. They 
are building some bigger machines now.


Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> Douglas Woodard wrote:
> Thanks for the excellent advice. Not all of DRB & BB is properly reviewed,
> much less than by anyone there or associated knowing the fields discussed.
> 1) I have been impressed with the inexpensive Bergey 1KW windmills, offered years ago.
> Don't know where that is at now.
>> not to mention
>> http://www.homepower.com
> Absolutely.
> Don Kulha ws involved with HP from the beginning, the magazine and the online resource
> initially as  FidoNet BBS. We were associated within Fido.
> His: Homepower BBS hosting the HOMEPOWER FidoNet echo (forum) and mine was
> EARTH*Net BBS hosting the SUST_AG echo (Sustainable Agriculture).
> I hve 1.2mb floppies with archives of HP echo discussion; attempted to put them
> on the Internet as FTP download (this was before HTTP). Now there is alt.energy.homepower (excellent),
> alt.energy.renewable, alt.solar, alt.solar.photovoltaic (excellent) and alt.solar.thermal (excellent) newsgroups.
> These newsgroups are probably some of the best places to go for accurate, up-to-date, interesting information;
> they are reltively isolated from Web things and are old-school.
> LL

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