[permaculture] Next Gen Wind Energy you have Never Seen

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Mon Jul 21 22:23:06 EDT 2008

Douglas Woodard wrote:

Thanks for the excellent advice. Not all of DRB & BB is properly reviewed,
much less than by anyone there or associated knowing the fields discussed.

1) I have been impressed with the inexpensive Bergey 1KW windmills, offered years ago.
Don't know where that is at now.

> not to mention
> http://www.homepower.com

Don Kulha ws involved with HP from the beginning, the magazine and the online resource
initially as  FidoNet BBS. We were associated within Fido.
His: Homepower BBS hosting the HOMEPOWER FidoNet echo (forum) and mine was
EARTH*Net BBS hosting the SUST_AG echo (Sustainable Agriculture).

I hve 1.2mb floppies with archives of HP echo discussion; attempted to put them
on the Internet as FTP download (this was before HTTP). Now there is alt.energy.homepower (excellent),
alt.energy.renewable, alt.solar, alt.solar.photovoltaic (excellent) and alt.solar.thermal (excellent) newsgroups.
These newsgroups are probably some of the best places to go for accurate, up-to-date, interesting information;
they are reltively isolated from Web things and are old-school.


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