[permaculture] Nighttime recording of frogs, cicadas, crickets and other insects.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sun Jul 20 22:48:33 EDT 2008

Another pondside recording made tonight, hot and humid.
The nocturnal performers were really out in force and loud.
Two planes in the background and a little of my cat purring.


Index of /ecolandtech/venaurafarm/frogs-in-ponds

Name                                     Last modified      Size                                             -

FrogsCricketsCicadas-NearPond&Forest.WMA 20-Jul-2008 22:38  7.4M
northeast-pond-6-30-2008.WMA             01-Jul-2008 21:42  793K
west-pond1-7-1-2008.WMA                  01-Jul-2008 21:43  1.7M
west-pond2-7-1-2008.WMA                  01-Jul-2008 21:44  2.1M

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