[permaculture] Gathering plant materials in not-so-wild places

SArjuna at aol.com SArjuna at aol.com
Sat Jul 19 14:41:19 EDT 2008

I've been looking around the area where I live for elder flowers to tincture 
and dry for tea.    They grow along the edges of farm fields, but then there 
is the issue of pesticide/herbicide toxicity.    How far from a field on which 
chemicals are applied does a plant need to be to be unaffected?

What about aerial spraying, which drifts?    I found a great bush today near 
a field that does get aerially sprayed, but they haven't done it yet this 
year.    Would those flowers contain stuff from previous years' applications?   

I also found a cluster of bushes in an untreated area between two four-lane 
roads.   It's about 50 yards from either road.   Would car exhaust stuff be an 
issue with this one?

Do the contaminants end up in one part of plants more than others?   (Roots, 
leaves, flowers, fruit....)

Any informed advice will be much appreciated.

Shivani in WI

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