[permaculture] request for info about Pacific NW plants

jordan at riseup.net jordan at riseup.net
Sat Jul 19 14:14:49 EDT 2008

I would say that a plant that does all three to some extent is Oplopanax
horridus, but I would recommend digging up much of it. Western Herbalists
tend to look at it like a local ginseng, and focus on it's rhizomes, which
the harvest of fragments the patch. The traditional way of harvest is to
use the aerial parts.

see http://www.herbalgram.org/youngliving/herbalgram/articleview.asp?a=2697
for a good discussion...

I don't really see it "guilding" with much. It's a plant that seems to
stick to it's own.


> Hey all, I'm doing some research on plants and am out of my bioregion and
> away from my library.  Can anyone there suggest plants that would fit the
> following criteria and would grow in a warmer coastal Pacific Northwest
> climate?
> 1) Women's reproductive health medicines (promote fertility, regulate
> hormones, etc)
> 2) Medicines that promote mental health (herbs for depression, sacred
> plants, etc)
> 3) Plants generally adaptogenic in medicinal action
> Any information would be greatly appreciated!  I am going to research the
> plants i come up and then create some guilds that they could be a part of.
>  I'd be happy to share what I create with anyone who is interested.
> Thanks!
> Joan

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