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(describing the article at modest length)
(blog; some interesting looking links)

jcummins wrote:
> The article below is rather theoretical. However, it may lead to 
> information translatable into a form useful in the field.
> Nature Reviews Microbiology 6, 604-612 (August 2008) | 
> doi:10.1038/nrmicro1939
> Focus on: Sustainability
> Opinion: Pre-genomic, genomic and post-genomic study of microbial 
> communities involved in bioenergy
> Bruce E. Rittmann1, Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown1 & Rolf U. Halden1
> Abstract
> Microorganisms can produce renewable energy in large quantities and 
> without damaging the environment or disrupting food supply. The 
> microbial communities must be robust and self-stabilizing, and their 
> essential syntrophies must be managed. Pre-genomic, genomic and 
> post-genomic tools can provide crucial information about the structure 
> and function of these microbial communities. Applying these tools will 
> help accelerate the rate at which microbial bioenergy processes move 
> from intriguing science to real-world practice.

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