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Subject: [SANET-MG] Introducing Sustainable Farmer
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 09:28:09 -0400
From: Bonnie Bucqueroux <sustainablefarmer at GMAIL.COM>

I have been lurking on this list and enjoying the conversation. So I wanted
to invite you to visit my new multimedia online "magazine" Sustainable
Farmer  (for which I am editor and publisher) -

As you will see, our first issue offers a broad range of features, from a
video package on Titus Farms and how daughter Rebecca plans to expand their
CSA contracts in the future. We also offer a video about how to use a
crimper on a rye cover crop, to create a nice bed for pumpkins. Then there
are stories on how to market your farm, as well as an essay by dairy
veterinarian Dr. Ron Erskine who is worried about how we are losing access
to our best farmland. Please also take a moment to visit sections like Food
for Thought and Catering to Cultures.

http://www.sustainablefarmer.com/bblog - I also invite you to visit my blog
(and sign up for the RSS feed).  It provides a great way to offer timely
information on news, as well as to keep you abreast of my efforts to put up
a hoophouse (we also have a video coming up soon on "How to build a
hoophouse" with Michigan State specialist Adam Montri).

To introduce myself, you should know that, decades ago, I worked for
Michigan Farmer magazine for many years, ending up as managing editor. I
also won a National Magazine Award for an article on farmer suicide for Farm
Journal in the mid-Eighties.  Over the years, however, I became increasingly
concerned about how farm policy and economic pressures often promoted
unsustainable practices.

I retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism on July1,
where I taught digital journalism, so that I could devote myself full-time
to this new publication.  The Web is such a great way to tell stories and
find answers to questions.  I hope you will visit the site often. And please
let me know story ideas we should be doing.

Thanks -

Bonnie Bucqueroux
Editor and Publisher
Sustainable Farmer

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