[permaculture] Billionaires rearing their own pigs

Michael Murphy michael at ctsl.com
Sun Jul 13 13:56:13 EDT 2008

>From The Wall Street Journal Online:

A new study by American Express of their U.K. Centurion card holders
(read: titanium-toting superrich) found that "self-fulfillment and
learning" is the second-most-important priority for high-end
vacationers. Number one was "value for money."

It also found that 46% of the wealthy plan to spend more in 2008 on new
learning experiences. That exceeded planned spending on technology
products, home furnishings, charities and fashion.

Gastro luxury is a top subsector of the new experience economy: A
whopping 85% of the Centurion card holders plan to travel abroad for a
memorable meal. Memorable doesn't necessarily mean expensive: It could
be the roasted duck breast at Arpege in Paris or the apricot-smoked duck
from a beloved food stall in Beijing.

More than three-quarters of the card holders plan to hire a personal
chef in the future, while a surprisingly high 40% plan to grow their own
food and rear livestock. Billionaires rearing their own pigs: Now that's
an experience.

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