[permaculture] Boulder man faces $2000 fine/day forguerillagardenfencing - it will b an interesting outcome(Trudie Redding)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sat Jul 12 23:34:31 EDT 2008

Robert Waldrop wrote:

> And furthermore. . . Al Gore is a mass murderer! 
> While VP, he was part of an administration that 
> ruthless sent a million Iraqi civilians to their 
> deaths via a weapon of mass destruction -- the 
> embargo of the Iraqi civilian economy.
> His name should never be evoked with respect or 
> adulation among permaculturists.  I am not at all 
> surprised to see in Scott's post that he gave a 
> speech at a Monsanto gathering.
> Bob Waldrop, tadpole in training with Barking 

Are you in this chorus, Bob?

maybe the basso profundo...

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