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Thu Jul 10 22:49:35 EDT 2008

You would think they would encourage residents to grow their own food, stay at home more, use less
non-renewable resources and learn more skills useful in keeping themselves healthy and the environment clean
and green, especially during these national financial and energy crises. - LL


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Boulder man faces $2000 fine/day for guerilla garden fencing
Posted by Mark Frauenfelder, July 10, 2008 5:42 PM | permalink

Scott Hoffenberg, who lives in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado, is growing a vegetable garden in the space between the 
sidewalk and the street on University Avenue. A neighbor complained about the trellises and fencing in the parkway, and 
Hoffenberg has been ordered to remove them or face a $2,000 per day fine.

     [L]ast month, an enforcement officer from Boulder’s Environmental and Zoning Enforcement office showed up and said 
a neighbor had complained about the garden.

     “She said to take it all down — the tomato cages, the trellises, the posts, the basketball hoop, everything,” 
Hoffenberg said.


     Hoffenberg has until July 14 to take down the trellises and fencing. At that point, Arthur said, he could be cited, 
and a judge could impose a fine. Or the city could remove the impediments, since they’re on public property, Arthur 
said, if they’re not able to reach a compromise.

Boulder, curbside gardeners spar over right-of-way (Boulder Daily Camera) (Thanks, Nina!)

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