[permaculture] Keyline in Tuscany - does anyone have a topo map of Sienna?

jordan at riseup.net jordan at riseup.net
Wed Jul 2 23:10:10 EDT 2008

Hey folks,

so, i recently reread the great book "Natural Light and the Italian
Piazza" by Sandra Lakeman. There is a lot to this little study of Sienna's
Piazza del Campo. One point that I enjoyed was that the Piazza was built
to preserve the light quality of the meadow that was there... buildings
were built at the edges, with the same pattern that trees would have
boarded the meadow... eventually it was paved so it could accomodate so
many people... whereever roads meet, there are widenings for public space.
it is such a rich ethnoecology.

I've been looking at google earth images of sienna and, with the relief
on, It kinda looks like the layout of sienna and it's region follow a lot
of the design rules of Keyline and "The City Forest" main roads follow
ridge lines... the lowlnd areas boardering the streams are farmland and
dove-tail into the urban area...

as you go out into the country-side, there appear to be someponds at
key-points with drains (or roads... hard to tell) leading to them...

I'm looking for a topo map of sienna and anyone's thoughts (anyone hang
out here who has a keyline background?)

awaiting your replies,

Jordan Fink

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