[permaculture] kudzu starts

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Thanks for letting him know, I sure hope the people in Colorado will
stop him, lots of dead trees etc in the path of kudzu in Georgia, Kansas
There might even be a prison sentence involved, he might ought to get
his facts straight about the pros and cons. He could spend all his labor
hours just trying to eradicate it and never get anything else planted,
no diversity, I have some potato vines(don't know real name,) come up
from a tuber, not edible, they climb and break limbs off the pecan,
orange , berry trees, I keep my eyes open, if I am sick and cant get out
they take over
I'll never forget the path of a tornado in Kansas, one yr later the
kudzu had buried all the blown off roofs, dead cars etc, it makes it
look good, but underneath, a huge dangerous 5 mile long gully and lots
of stuff that will probably be there 15 yrs later, very dangerous and
not a single live tree.
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Jonathan asks, "I was wondering if anyone might have any kudzu (Pueraria

montana) rhizomestarts I could buy or trade for? I could pay shipping
costs. It's 
pretty hard trying to find a purchase source on the internet due to this

plant's condemned status. But nonetheless, what a useful species! Forage
for goats, 
bees etc., valuable root starch..........

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