[permaculture] kudzu starts

Johnathan Avery Yelenick yelenick at riseup.net
Tue Jul 1 22:28:34 EDT 2008

I was wondering if anyone might have any kudzu (Pueraria montana) rhizome
starts I could buy or trade for? I could pay shipping costs. It's pretty
hard trying to find a purchase source on the internet due to this plant's
condemned status. But nonetheless, what a useful species! Forage for
goats, bees etc., valuable root starch, prodigious soil builder and a
nitrogen fixer to boot! Safe enough to use here outside of Denver,
Colorado where we don't have a lot of rainfall and cold winters to check
it dispersal; not that anthropogenic dispersal is 'bad' or anything :) 
Maybe a guild possibility in this bioregion with Juglans due to J.'s
nitrogen requirements. Pack that with pawpaw and goats and I think we
might have a winner!
Johnathan Yelenick
Blacktail Permaculture
South Platte River Bioregion

phone: 303.288.4190

"If your experience is that your water comes from the tap and that your
food comes from the grocery store then you are going to defend to the
death the system that brings those to you because your life depends on
that; if your experience is that your water comes from a river and that
your food comes from a land base then you will defend those to the death
because your life depends on them. So part of the problem is that we have
become so dependent upon this system that is killing and exploiting us, it
has become almost impossible for us to imagine living outside of it and
it's very difficult physically for us to live outside of it."
— Derrick Jensen

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