[permaculture] Sound recordings of frogs in my farm ponds (nights of 6/30 & 7/1) made with my Olympus Hand-held Stereo Digital Voice Recorder DS-30

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Tue Jul 1 22:22:23 EDT 2008

Josh Cooper wrote:

> Nice thanks for sharing sounds like around my place I've got an
> Olympus also I should take it out some night. I did try to catch some
> owls with it but they were just a little to far off.

Give it a try. I would love to hear recordings of owls and whipporwills.
At one time this area had several types of owls, whipporwills, snipes,
hawks, geese, mourning doves and more that could be hear each year.

I may get a DS-40. This way I can record with one, play it back at the frogs and record
their response.

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