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Nice post Jamie. Where are you based? I've been trying to contact Marc Bonfils recenlty as there's a whole load of Bakers around here getting into wheat production and old varieties/organic etc do you have a contact for him?

You make several points that raise the old subject of technique versus understanding, specific techniques will vary across climates/ecosystems but the clarity given by understanding will not. Emilia had an understanding of Fukuoka's approach and applied that to developing her own system in her own zone.

There is a film about Rishi Keshi natural farming group on the web somewhere and there must be many others. The British got broad access to One straw Revolution because an Indian group got it published in English, 15 years ago there was only 3 copies in England that I knew of, however the Francophone community could get it in any good bookshop, hence the confusion here between PmC and Nat Farm.

Suraj's original post also showed how deeply ingrained is the idea that PmC is a food production system rather than a design system that appropriately uses the 100,000 techniques and 10,000 strategies available for the development of sustainable human communities.

Zero farming, natural farming, synergistic gardening and of course there is wild farming which is the no-cultivation of wildfood plants of mass-production (adapt me to the environment). And then there is designing the system completely, permaculture innit.



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