[permaculture] Appropriate technnology mailing list? for inventors, fabricators and manufacturers, consumers/users

Sean Albiston lab at physics.umn.edu
Thu Jan 24 06:36:52 EST 2008

LL- I would love a group like that, thanks buddy..


> Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
>> Keith Johnson wrote:
>>>The Transformation Trike
>> That's really good.
>> I want to design and build in my shop a 4 wheeled, steerable pedalpower
>> machine that
>> lightly tills/scarifies/breaks-the-crust of the surface of large wide
>> tall
>> raised garden beds dragging an adjustable tillage tool underneath the
>> chassis down the beds;
>> this could also be capable of removing emerging weed seedlings with a
>> change of tillage tool teeth. This could also be a
>> walk-behind machine that you push and steer and can lift to keep the
>> tillage tool level with bed surface when
>> encountering discrepancies between bed height and furrows the machine's
>> wheels ride in. I think this can be accomplished
>> with the use of a hydraulic/shock absorber suspension enabling you to
>> tilt the machine in either of four directions,
>> forward or backward or side to side to keep the tiller level with bed
>> surface. These types of shocks are used in
>> openable hatchback or rear windows on cars or trucks (the window in a
>> camper over the tailgate on a truck). The pistons
>> on these shocks have full movement with resistance and stay put in
>> position fairly well when window is raised; this
>> would be perfect for a garden tiller stabilizer/adjustable suspension.
>> Anyone know what these kind of shock absorbers
>> are called?
> Would anyone be interested in a new mailing list for appropriate
> technology, a hands-on nuts-and-bolks forum for
> inventors, designers, fabricators, experimenters, manufacturers and end
> users? Discussion could cover
> shops, equipment and tooling, materials, supplies, parts and components,
> the design and engineering process,
> tools and equipment needed for various uses on the homestead and the
> people around the world who need these things.
> Marketing could and should also be covered as there are many new and
> inexpensive opportunities nowadays.
> Half of what I do is in that arena, the other half is putting my
> inventions to work on my farm or in my gardens.
> Anyone else interested?
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