[permaculture] Permaculture convergence

Jim ashevillecurrencyproject at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 00:14:52 EST 2008

I have noticed that there are at least two regional permaculture 
gatherings each year:

a- Northeast Permaculture Gathering
4th Annual NEPC Summer Gathering 2008, Tentative Dates July 11-13,
Hosted by the Western Mass Permaculture Guild. Save the date!

b-  15th annual Southeast Permaculture Gathering
Tentative date, August 2nd-4th,  2008
Celo, NC

I seem to remember that there might have been SW and NW gatherings, too.
-- Jim

Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 17:41:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Michael Pilarski <friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com>
Subject: [permaculture] Permaculture convergence, North America and
Washington State

Hello permaculture community,

In response to Keith Johnson?s recent proposal for a North American 
Permaculture Convergence. I think this is a good idea. Lawrence then 
suggested we have regional convergences and then hold a North American 
convergence in cyberspace. I think those are also good ideas. I think 
that all three ideas are good and are compatible. First have regional 
convergences. Then have a North American convergence in person, but at 
the same time expand it to include participation with 
cyberspace/internet linkages. Being together in person allows a certain 
type of synthesis (and deepens friendships) that can?t be done on the 
internet. Lawrence makes a good point that many people won?t be able to 
afford the travel expense. That is inevitable. However, at least some 
representatives of every region should be able to attend.

Earlier this month I circulated a proposal to permaculturists in 
Washington State to hold an Evergreen State Permaculture Convergence in 
2008. The agenda of the convergence would include: 1) Strengthen the 
friendships and connections between permaculturists in the state. 2) 
Discuss preparing a statewide brochure listing all the permaculture 
consultants, education centers, etc who wish to reach more of the 
public. 3) Strengthen the lines of communication between permaculture 
people within the state. 4) Make a plan of action of how the 
permaculture community could assist people in the advent of a natural 
disaster or economic collapse. 5) Create a permaculture curriculum for a 
?train the trainers? program in emergency food production.

A Washington state permaculture convergence is very likely to happen in 
2008. If any reader is interested in attending or helping this 
convergence happen please contact me.

If it precedes a North American convergence we will certainly discuss 
who would like to go and what we might like to contribute to the agenda.


Michael Pilarski
Friends of the Trees Society
PO Box 253
Twisp, Wa 98856
friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com

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