[permaculture] Events Calendar link test

sals sals3 at cox.net
Mon Jan 21 11:46:06 EST 2008

works great for me IBM combatable using explorer 7  looks good to me nice 
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> Robyn (et.al.),
> (Will you folks on the listserv please test this link and tell me if it
> DOESN'T work for you)
> I just tested the link
> http://permacultureactivist.net/DesignCourse/australia-oceania.htm
> on the Macs in our office, using the same browser as yours, and the
> calendar showed up just fine after loading rapidly. Loading may take a
> little longer on dial up.
> Did you try reloading the site? The calendar host is occasionally
> overwhelmed for some reason, though reloading usually fixes it.
> The header for the calendar is a fairly vivid salmon color and the
> calendar proper is a greyish pink.
> If you still can't see the calendar I'm afraid that I'm at a loss for
> suggestions to help.
> If others around you have computers that you can test the link with, I
> advise you to do so to see if they get the same result.
> I'm grateful for your feedback.
> I will ask others on the list to test the link as well
> Robyn Williamson wrote:
>> Safari with Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger.
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