[permaculture] Events Calendar link test

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 21 11:36:34 EST 2008

Robyn (et.al.),
(Will you folks on the listserv please test this link and tell me if it 
DOESN'T work for you)
I just tested the link
on the Macs in our office, using the same browser as yours, and the 
calendar showed up just fine after loading rapidly. Loading may take a 
little longer on dial up.
Did you try reloading the site? The calendar host is occasionally 
overwhelmed for some reason, though reloading usually fixes it.
The header for the calendar is a fairly vivid salmon color and the 
calendar proper is a greyish pink.
If you still can't see the calendar I'm afraid that I'm at a loss for 
suggestions to help.

If others around you have computers that you can test the link with, I 
advise you to do so to see if they get the same result.
I'm grateful for your feedback.

I will ask others on the list to test the link as well

Robyn Williamson wrote:
> Safari with Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger. 

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