[permaculture] Muchas Gracias RE: Seed or Plants for tropical Mexico

cuauhtemoc landeros descendingeagle at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 22:55:34 EST 2008

Thanks so very much for your help. I will pass it on to everyone that can use it.
Many blessings and inspiration.
With Hope 
Cuauhtemoc> Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 20:35:50 -0600> From: esac at laneta.apc.org> To: permaculture at lists.ibiblio.org> Subject: Re: [permaculture] Seed or Plants for tropical Mexico> > Hola Cuautemoc,> > just to let you know of three sources in Mexico...> > Seeds> > Gapo collects her own seeds and sells some (she has an organic produce > store)- she's in Xalapa, I think, or someplace in Veracruz. > casadestal at hotmail.com> > "Huerto de semillas" I believe is an iniciative of Las Cañadas (Ricardo > Romero ) at http://www.bosquedeniebla.com.mx/htm/curso.htm They > emphasize biointensive production methods... write to > chidukarizo at yahoo.com.mx for a (very small) catalog.> > They have also started a seed exchange effort called RED DE SEMILLAS, > formada por pequeñas productores orgánicos interesados en intercambiar y > distribuir sus semillas. (I contributed the sesame seeds, for example).> > Finally, if you are in Morelos, we have tons of fruit tree (and many > more ornamental plant) nurseries... Most between Yautepec and Cuautla... > They have temperate as well as sub-tropical trees (you won't find > low-altitude tropical trees like cacaos, for example). El Vivero de > Yautepec has the most variety and highest prices... the smallest tree > available will run about $90p ($8.50 US). I find cheaper elsewhere but > the nurseries don't post outside what they have inside so searching > through all of them is a bit like running the gauntlet. El V de Y. is > definitely the place to buy mameys... and Asian fruit. Their website is > http://www.viveroyautepec.com.mx/vivero.htm but last time I looked > their list of fruit trees was down. Write me if you want a copy.> > Also, if interested in reforesting, try CONAFOR - which unfortunately > likes monocultures, but fortunately works with native species, they > give away zillions of trees. IF you plant a minimum of 5 hectares, > either your own or in conjunction with others, they will pay you for > planting them and give you advise. This is carbon offset money. In > Morelos we have a state department CEAMA Centro de Agua y Medio > Ambiente, I think, which has a much better reforestry nursery. Also > native plants, mostly multi-purpose (medicinal, forrage, N-fixing, food, > etc), mostly free and a very nice variety.> > CONAFOR also has a very, very nice soil conservation manual which you > can download,> http://www.conafor.gob.mx/portal/index.php?s1=4 (try this link and > page down for the 4 descargos) Let me know if it doesn't work.> > And from CONABIO comes this wonderful list of native trees.... > > > El presente manual es uno de los productos del proyecto J084 "Árboles > > mexicanos potencialmente valiosos para la restauración ecológica y la > > reforestación"> > http://www.conabio.gob.mx/conocimiento/info_especies/arboles/doctos/indice_especies.html> > Where are you?> Suerte,> george anna> > > cuauhtemoc landeros wrote:> > >Howdy Im working on getting a permaculture/demonstration/education project going in Mexico and was wondering if anyone knows of any great or good nurserys or companies with tropical plants or seeds? Thanks again. > > > >> _______________________________________________> permaculture mailing list> permaculture at lists.ibiblio.org> Subscribe or unsubscribe here:> http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/permaculture> Google command to search archives:> site:http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/permaculture searchstring> > 
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