[permaculture] changes at seed saver's exchange

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I second Jennifer. If we could get a SSE Yearbook we could write all
members and offer to grow our some of the seed they now hold and then
use that to start replenishing the germ-bank.


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This situation appears to be deplorable indeed. That
said ...

Remember the PERMACULTURE approach to solving
problems? Don't waste too much energy talking about
what's wrong. Instead, "Find the solution in the

Problem: An extremely precious resource is in jeopardy
because a few humans acted on their baser instincts.

SOLUTION: Start our own Seed Savers' Exchange! And not
just in one central place, but EVERYWHERE. Start one
in your community; your neighborhood; your state; your
country. Swap seeds and info with other such
organizations. Build robustness through
decentralization and redundancy. Yeah, it's a big
task, but it needs to be done, who else can we rely

cheers, and Permaculture Phorever!


Jennifer Nazak
Austin Permaculture Guild
512-619-5363 / austinperm at permie.us

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