[permaculture] Seed Savers Exchange, What should be done

Kathleen O'Brien Blair ktho at comcast.net
Sun Jan 20 20:35:53 EST 2008

Jody quoted Kent Whealy:

"Everyone needs to understand exactly what I am asking you to do, and 
what you should not do. First and most important, I don't want anyone 
to do anything that will cost SSE a penny: don't cancel your 
memberships; don't let this affect your generous donations or decrease 
your purchases from SSE's catalog; and especially don't do anything 
that will affect SSE's yearbook exchange. I believe its not Seed Savers 
or its programs that need changing, it's this board."

And Jody said:
I suppose that's a fair request on his part, if he hopes to remedy this 
mess and NOT completely upset the SSE.

Just thought I'd pass that along, for whatever its worth. Doesn't 
really help tho', when the desire is to stab deep in the heart of the 
problem and mess up their financials.

If it really is a take-over to disrupt access to non-GMO seeds, 
financial upset will have no bearing on their success.

Point taken. The other alternative is to buy memberships if you don't
have one and then raise hell as a member. Keep in mind by fiat the Board
withdrew voting rights from membership. However, it still is a nfp 501c3
which means that members can file complaints with the Secretary of
State, the IRS and other agencies that will then *have* to at least do
the paperwork to look into it. That will force this "board" to respond
in writing without having to expend the $$$ to get an attorney to open
up the discovery process.


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