[permaculture] changes at seed saver's exchange

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Sun Jan 20 09:56:53 EST 2008

How could 2/5 of the board effect this?  The letter basically calls out 
the two though I am left failing to understand how it could happen if 
only two people were behind it.  The corporate nature of the firing is 
telling.  It will be interesting to see the IRS Form 990 for last year.

A meeting that suddenly suprises one with a labor attorney in 

If you go to the SSE website there is a letter from the board.  When 
nearly start a letter with "We cannot and will not comment on 
everything, as it would not be in the best interests of SSE to publicly 
reveal, discuss, or debate confidential internal personnel matters.", in 
my mind it is immediately suspect.  I know this tactic is common, but so 
much for the light of day blazing out the shadows.  And while the letter 
seeks to show them reaching out, it is only after statements like, 
"Kent’s letter, by its tone and content, demonstrates that his 
relationship with the Board had deteriorated beyond repair by the time 
of his departure."

Below that on the SSE page is a letter by Diana Ott Whealy.  As one 
might expect, the letter goes a long way towards saying "nothing to see 
here", but lacks much in the way of substance other than to say "nuh-uh".

It isn't surprising to see the lack of content in letters such as these 
once attorneys get involved.  One would just hope for more substance. 
These letters always raise more eyebrows and leave one with more 
questions than illumination.  Pity.

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