[permaculture] new inventions

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 16 12:40:26 EST 2008

A friend forwarded this link to interesting design ideas. WAY too much 
plastic, IMO, and too many "smart" gadgets, but creative nonetheless. I 
found it useful to stimulate my imagination toward more renewable, 
sustainable inventions. "Amazing" is a bit hyperbolic.
>  This is a page from a site featuring winners of design competitions 
> in a wide variety of arenas. You can check out other great design 
> winners via links on the left side bar on the page hyperlinked below. 
> These inventions are amazing! This is just one that really left my jaw 
> dropped. There is an amazing back pack solar cooker, a "love 
> mattress", just lots of amazingly inventive great new ideas.
> http://www.red-dot.sg/Concept/porfolio/06/06gr/R034flow.htm

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