[permaculture] The Noah Project -- Homesteading Manual

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Mon Jan 14 22:48:58 EST 2008

Ya'll, here's another resource for your appropriate
technology and permaculture library..... in case it 
hasn't been posted yet. 

Good advice from good folk. 

Steve Diver


The Noah Project - A Homesteading Manual for 
Christ-Abundant Living 
by Jack Dody 
_____ 139-page PDF 



1. On-site Energy Production (Solar Electric and Firewood) 

2. On-site Water Collection and Water Conservation
   (Rainwater Catchment, Gray Water Systems)

3. On-site Food Production (Life Support / Greenhouse Module)

4. On-site Waste Recycling and Disposal
   (Composing Toilet, Blackwater Systems

... etc ... 


"Every Home Needs a Life Support Module (LSM)" 
page 106-- 

Also see:

Christian Homesteaders Association

Jack and Marilou Dody live on a homestead on the plains 
of Colorado, within sight of Pikes Peak. Jack has been 
designing and building "alternative" housing since the 
late sixties. His workbook entitled The Noah Project 
gives the details of his homestead construction, 
including solar and wind power, a rainwater catch system, 
indoor garden, passive solar, and a composting toilet. 

Marilou is the "quality control officer." Jack believes 
that old saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" 
Marilou's input into all designs gives the woman's touch 
which is so often missing on homesteads. Our goal is not 
to "rough it," but to use new technologies to live well 
while living off the the grid. 


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