[permaculture] NPR Rainwater Harvesting w Brad Lancaster - Thursday

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Thu Jan 10 02:13:19 EST 2008

[Permaculture International] NPR Rainwater
Harvesting w Brad Lancaster - Thursday

Hey Folks,
My good friend and author of the wonderful book Rainwater Harvesting for
Drylands by Brad Lancaster will be on NPR tomorrow morning!! Sorry for the
late notice but I just got the email myself.
Have a listen!!

 > Hi Brad. Your interview is now scheduled to air Thursday morning, toward
 > the end of the first half-hour of Morning Edition. The show airs at
 > different times, depending on your station, but it starts at 5 a.m.
 > Eastern and is updated throughout the morning. If you miss it, you can
 > hear the segment at NPR.org after about 9 a.m. ET.
 > Best,
 > --Avie


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