[permaculture] Permaculture in colleges / universities

Toby Hemenway toby at patternliteracy.com
Wed Jan 9 13:12:17 EST 2008

Two more for your list:

Portland State University, Portland, OR, (for 3 years)
contact PSU, Graduate School of Education 

Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR, (1 year)
contact Deke Gundersen, Dept of Environmental Studies, Pacific University
(this course can be taken by non-Pacific students)

I have heard of several others--Evergreen State?-- but don't know for sure.


Keith Johnson wrote:
> I'd like to compile a list of Universities that have opened up to 
> Permaculture and are offering credit for design courses. Please submit 
> any that you know of and I will place the data online in various locations.
> Contact data and persons would be MUCH appreciated.
> I'll start the list with:
> Indiana University in Bloomington, IN In for 6 years
> Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH (1 year)
> Thanks,
> Keith

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